Growing Up in Quincy

People have stories growing up in lots of different places. We’ve included this story on this page for you from one of the people who works at our company. While suburban to some, Quincy can be a magical place to grow up. Read on below to hear more about life in this Massachusetts town.

The Quincy Way

Some people have a certain idea in their mind when I tell them that I grew up in the greater Boston area. They think that I’m super Irish, that I’m very confrontational, and that I have a crazy accent. The funny thing about their assumptions is that, well, they’re true. My great great grandparents came over to America and settled in this area from a small town in Ireland. After the potato famine, they decided to take a chance and get over to the United States. Many years later, I was born in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Quincy Charm

For the most part, growing up in Quincy was not much different from growing up anywhere else in the United States. I went to school and had friends whom with I played. However, there were some things about growing up Quincy that I realized were really special after going to college out of state. It is part of the reason I came back here to work at review.

For one, the history of the New England area is so rich. You can feel the age of the land in the air and in the ground. The architecture here is unlike many other places that aren’t on the East Coast.

Another thing that I really enjoyed about Quincy were the summers. They were hot and humid, but when our family wanted to get away, we would head down to the islands and a vineyard off of the coast of the state. These places